Hello, beloved of God! 

My household has been in school almost always since I started kindergarten. I went straight into college out of high school, then married Andy the May after we both graduated with our degrees. Just a few weeks later, we moved to Texas for him to start graduate work at UNT and I started my own degree at SMU just a few years later. Barely had the ink dried on those degrees when Andy went back again for doctoral work. By this time, our children had arrived, and we had entered school life again, this time as the parents of students.

 So my heart beats along to the rhythm of the school year. I imagine it always will. There’s something to the dry, dusty end of summer that smells like freshly sharpened pencils and new backpacks. There’s an anticipation laced with anxiety – will they like me? will someone let me sit with them at lunch? will I be good enough?

 This Sunday in worship, we will offer a Back to School Blessing for all our students, teachers, administrators, professors, school nurses, and other educational staff. We know that absolutely everyone is a beloved child of God – already adored, already belonging, already good enough, already welcomed. We’ll give all of our folks heading back to school a little memento so they remember just how loved they are no matter what.

 I’m praying for you. I hope you are praying for me. See you Sunday – we’ll continue our VBS for all of us as we hear about Mary’s journey to Bethlehem!

 grace & peace,

 Pastor Jessica.