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Life Lessons from Football

Football season kicks off soon! Pastor Frank discusses a new sermon series on lessons we glean from the game.

Weird Stories of the Bible

Pastor Frank discusses a new preaching series beginning in August.

Memories of Mema

Preaching funerals for loved ones— good idea or not?

Remember Who You Are

Sometimes the most important part of preaching is reminding the congregation of its own values.

General Conference 2019

It’s been an emotional week!

Leadership in the Pulpit?

How can preachers effectively use the pulpit for leading? Are there other options beside sermons to lead people regarding important issues?

Sharing the Story

It’s a gift to be able to encourage others to share their stories.

Preaching on Generosity

Money can be a difficult subject, in relationships and in preaching. Not talking about it leads to all kinds of trouble. Take the ...