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Preaching in Changing Times and Circumstances

A conversation with a parishioner highlights the struggles we all have with dealing with change.

Politics and the Pulpit

The church should hold the government and our leaders accountable when decisions or actions are contrary to the witness of scripture. ...

Words of the Wesleys

I’m back after several weeks away. Here’s an update on my preaching schedule. In this episode I reflect on my Wesley Pilgrimage in ...

Narrative Preaching

Story telling is an easy and highly effective approach to preaching. The Old Testament is packed with little known narratives that have

Pastor Frank’s Preaching Process

This week’s episode updates “The Crown” sermon series, then moves into a discussion of the process of sermon development.

Samuel and Saul

The background and early years of the kingship of Saul.

Sermon on Suicide

Last week I deviated from the sermon series to address the spiritual issues related to suicide.

Introduction to the Podcast