Last month, we focused on the Good Life in worship. We acknowledged how we receive lots of messages about what is important, what the “good life” is, and everything we need to do – and have – to achieve it. Still, we know that so many folks remain unsatisfied, chasing after the next thing in search of fulfilment.

But there is good news beyond the “rise and grind” model – God desires for us to have lives of contentment, freedom from worry, and joy in abundance. As we learn how to find our contentment in God, we discover the beauty of giving. Our lives become evidence that the good life is the generous life – a life through which the grace of God flows into the world.

We are certainly living the Good Life at Grace! On October 29, we celebrated our saints – those persons who have gone on to glory in the last year who are a part of the legacy we inherit in our church family. We also brought our commitments for 2024 to the altar to lay before God as we look forward to building on that legacy for future generations.

So far we have received 44 commitments from families at Grace, up from 38 in 2023. This represents commitments totaling $265,867 to support our mission and ministry efforts through our budget, up from $204,589 for 2023. And that doesn’t capture the generous sharing of time, talent, and energy that you have indicated on the back of those cards.

If you haven’t made your commitment for 2024 yet, please consider doing so. Having these numbers helps us be good stewards, budgeting well to support the work God is calling us to in this season. Additional commitment cards are on the welcome table across from the Celebration Center.

In other news, our parsonage is on the market. If you would like to share the listing, all the details are available at

We also had our Holiday Bazaar this past weekend, with an amazing array of handcrafted art, books, jellies, soap, quilts, scarves, hats, pies, jewelry, kitchen boas, bookmarks, scrubbies, loaves, and much, much more! Our church is full of such talented folks! Through these efforts, we have already made over $5,000 and the two beautiful quilts are still available for bids or tickets through this weekend. Thank you to Tracey Hoover, Virginia Bovee, and all of the team who made this event a success!

I am grateful.

I am grateful for all of you – the church family called Grace.

You are extraordinary and generous.

I am grateful.

Pastor Jessica.