One and one and one is three, but then one.

 Last week, United Methodist clergy from three annual conferences came together in Flower Mound for our Covenant Day. This annual event is one way clergy in North Texas have gathered to experience spiritual and professional development opportunities, strengthen the bond of unity among the members, and nurture supportive, trusting, and accountable relationships. This year, clergy from the Central Texas and Northwest Texas Conferences joined us in this tradition since we are on our way toward becoming one conference, stretching from the top of the panhandle, down to Midland, Abilene, Lubbock, and Amarillo, then across Fort Worth, Arlington, Georgetown, and Round Rock, before coming across our familiar territory from Electra, Dallas, Pottsboro, Powderly, and Mt Vernon. 

We know we can do more together than we can alone. And while it will take some time to reconcile our different conference traditions and personalities (as well as for clergy to accept that we may be appointed anywhere from east Texas to the panhandle), there is wisdom in consolidating our resources so we can be more effective.

Our mission as United Methodists remains the same – to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. With this new opportunity on the horizon, our bishop and leaders across the three conferences have identified a vision and priorities for the future: 

Our Vision: We are followers of Jesus, seeking the loving, just and free world God imagines for all people.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Multiply Jesus Followers
  • Champion Children and Youth
  • Maximize Care and Healing
  • Pursue and Embrace Diversity
  • Tell Our Story 

You can learn more about this unification process at While this may not change much in the day to day life at Grace, it reminds me that it’s important to be clear about who we are (our mission), how we live that out (our vision), and what we hope to accomplish (priorities). Even as our Conference-to-be is finding this clarity, we are doing the same work as a local church. Expect to hear more about this at our Town Hall meeting on February 25. I look forward to remembering our story, discerning God’s calling, and looking forward to a future ripe with opportunity with you all! 

I’m praying for you, beloved. I hope you’re praying for me. Please pray for the work of our Conference leaders, too. This Sunday we’ll wrap up our Half Truths series with this one – love the sinner, hate the sin. See you in worship!


Pastor Jessica.