This past Sunday, we began our series on prayer, considering 3 essential prayers (according to Anne Lamott): Help! Thanks! Wow! This week we’ll turn our attention to Thanks!

 Maybe this seems timely, since we’re in the middle of November, the month of Thanksgiving, when we often pause, between being up to our elbows in a turkey and washing all the dishes from the family and friends gathered around the table, to remember what we are thankful for. So, in that spirit, here are a few I’ve jotted down this week:

 Rhonda Luckett

 Barbara Speer

 Stephen Clayton

 Erin Clayton

 Nick & Sidney Avlos

 Potluck leftovers on a Tuesday afternoon

 Linda Burris & Jeanne Cummings who create food and space for our church family to gather

 Pamela Rylander & Rick Pokorny who faithfully and tirelessly care for our building (and the 21 volunteers who helped with our church workday this past Saturday!)

 Audiobooks and paper books

 Dan & Laura Dominick

 Work that allows me to love people and still be there for my kid’s field trip

 The Dallas Winds and gigs for my husband

 Enough stuff in the fridge to have another 3rd grader over for dinner

 Roxie, our lab, who reminds me to be in the moment we’re in

 Dr. Jeremy Blackwood, who played piano for us during our Church Conference

 Athena Michelle Gardner

 Rev. Todd Harris, a good district superintendent and even better colleague and mentor

 Those who have prayed for and offered other kindness my way after the death of my great-aunt

 Our Wednesday night Bible study group

 Tracey Hoover, Virginia Bovee, and all the team creating our Holiday Bazaar

 I took a few minutes to look over the donations in the music office, admiring what has come in. Y’all! There’s apple butter and wall art and beautiful quilts and plum jelly and cookie mixes and books and, well, the list goes on and on. I’m grateful for the amazing folks who lead this effort and all the artisans who give of themselves – their time, talent, and expertise!

 What I realize when I start a list like this is that I could go on and on. My heart feels like it grows three sizes and then some when I realize just how much goodness and mercy is in my life. Truly my cup overflows.

 Thank you for being who you are, beloved. I’m praying for you and I hope you are praying for me.


 Pastor Jessica.